Friday, March 20, 2009

Moron-in-Chief Panders to Iran, Gets Clenched Fist Upside His Head

The mullahs just aren't down with the Hopenchange.
In a dramatic departure from George Bush's policy of isolation towards the country, Mr Obama issued a direct message to the Iranian people, hoping to turn the page on decades of U.S. policy towards the foe.

But his request was promptly rejected by Tehran, which said Washington should 'realise its previous mistakes' and fundamentally change its policy towards the Islamic Republic - in particular its stance on Israel.
'By fundamentally changing its behaviour America can offer us a friendly hand. So far what we have received have been unfriendly fists,' Javanfekr said.

'Unlimited sanctions which still continue and have been renewed by the United States are wrong and need to be reviewed,' he said.

Javanfekr also singled out U.S. backing for Israel, Iran's arch-foe: 'Supporting Israel is not a friendly gesture and the New Year is an opportunity for the United States to change this policy.'
It's pretty pathetic the president doesn't understand pandering to our enemies at the expense of an ally isn't going to work.

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