Thursday, March 19, 2009

Predictable: Huffington's Stint as Newspaper Guest Editor Turns Into Ego-fest

What happens when you invite the most self-absorbed "blogger" in the universe to be a guest editor of your fledgling newspaper? Well, just make sure you have enough space available to plaster her mug all over the place.

How's this for self worship?
Maybe it would have been more fitting if yesterday's issue of Metro New York was called Metro Huffington.

The free daily newspaper's experiment to have Arianna Huffington, the woman behind the Huffington Post Web site, serve as guest editor only reminded us of why having a guest editor is rarely a good idea.

Rather than using her brief stint as a newspaper editor to help shape the news coverage, Huffington used the opportunity to remind everyone what she looked like: No fewer than seven photos of the blog queen five of which feature her dressed in a black, sheer top graced the pages of the paper no small feat given yesterday's issue was just 24 pages.

If that wasn't enough, Huffington's mug was accompanied by story commentary something that's generally forbidden in newspapers, but perhaps done to keep her amused, given her blogging roots.
Mercifully, it was a one-day gig, something to be thankful for, obviously.

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