Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heartbreaking, Isn't It? Vast Majority of Young Palis Are Depressed

I guess if I was stuck in that hellhole I'd probably also be bummed out. The big difference between them and the rest of civilization is most others strive to do something about their plight and improve their lives. These people just find ways to murder Jews and blame their probably on everyone but themselves. So this doesn't even merit breaking out the world's smallest violin. Interesting to note just 14% of them consider themselves human.
The vast majority of Palestinian youth are depressed, but do not believe that violence is helpful in resolving the Middle East conflict, said a UN report released on Tuesday.

"More than 80 percent of young Palestinians are depressed and 47 percent identify themselves as Muslim rather than Palestinian," the United Nations Development Programme report said.

"Depression was more marked in the Gaza Strip, where 55 percent said they were 'extremely' depressed," it said.

Sixty-nine percent of those questioned "believe that the use of violence as a means to resolve the conflict is not very helpful, while only eight percent believe it is an important tool."

When asked to define their identity, 47 percent called themselves Muslims, 28 percent Palestinians, 14 percent humans and 10 percent Arabs.
Sure seems to be some evidence correlating being a Muslim and being depressed. They'd probably find some solace in not being so angry and--perish the thought--seeking a new religion.

Coming soon from the UN: A report examining why American liberals are so miserable.

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