Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Horror! Eric Cantor Decides to Watch Lip-Syncher Rather than TelePrompter Reader, Left Melts Down

If someone can explain the newsworthiness of this, please have at it. This could well be the dumbest story to emanate from the fever swamps in years.
There was more than one whip at last night's Britney Spears concert in Washington DC.

GOP aides confirmed to the Huffington Post that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) attended the pop concert at the Verizon Center, where Britney appeared on stage brandishing a leather lash.

One House GOP leadership aide said Cantor went at the request of a fundraiser. "If suffering through a Britney Spears concert will raise one more dime to help Republicans take back the House, then I'm glad Cantor's willing to do it."

A House Democratic aide shot back, "Looks like Eric Cantor's not that innocent."
Maybe I'm missing something, but is there a requirement that the House Minority Whip has to watch Obama read off his oversized TelePrompter?

This apparently is scandalous news among the Journolist set. Why, even the Washington Post feels obligated to report this earthshaking news.

Some of the retarded left equates this with Obama filling out his NCAA pool, though I guess only they can explain that.

Full disclosure: I once ran into Britney and her posse near the W Hotel in Manhattan one hot July night about six years ago. They asked me if I had any coke. I didn't. I suggested to them they shouldn't ask strangers on the street for drugs, scolded them and told them to run along. Five years of misery for Britney followed. Draw your own conclusions.

I thought that interlude was weird enough. Then I read the Huffington Post tonight.

My bad.

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