Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just A Little 'Ol Rally in Atlanta

Okay, granted I am only posting this over here because I didn't want the boss to think he was the only one busy this weekend. Besides I got pictures and sound.

Saturday there was a rally in support of state sovereignty and HR 470 in Georgia which affirms the states rights granted under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. I was glad I attended.
The weather was great for a change. Most weekends here locally have been marked by the badly needed rain but this day was bright, sunny, with just a few wisps of clouds on the sky and just enough nip in the air to get you honest.
This rally was sponsored by the Georgia First coalition and the GA chapter of the Don't Go Movement. I broadcast the first hour of the rally live on my Blog Talk Radio show, podcast is available here.

Among the hardy folks in attendance were Bobby Franklin, the sponsor of HR 470 in the Georgia state legislature, Ray McBerry, declared gubernatorial candidate on the Republican ticket, Sherrie Reese, Georgia State Director of the Don't Go Movement, Jennie C from Smart Girl Politics, and Ricardo Davis, State Chairman of the Constitution Party.
(From L_R Chris Cox, State Reperesentative Bobby Franklin, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry)

Ricardo Davis State Chairman Constitution Party

The attitude among the attendees was invigorated and excited. Americans of all stripes are getting fed up with our federal congress and government are running rough shod not only over states rights but individual liberties as well. In addition to the folks in attendance signs of support were given by those driving by who were honking horns and shouting words of encouragement.
Gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry fired up the crowd with his speech vowing to return to a state government that takes care of it residents with as little interference from the federal government as possible and a return to the American values that made us the greatest country on earth.
More then a few people were aware of the Missouri state police report that had a completely bizarre list of what compromised a possible threat or militia group as evidenced by folks with signs displaying the "Don't Tread On Me" flag and at least one Ron Paul t-shirt.
I look forward to the Tea Party scheduled on April 15th. I heard from people from as far away as Augusta, thanks to the young man who made that trip, who are trying to organize such events in their area. I heard from people who working on Tea Parties in Gainesville, GA, and Macon as well as Atlanta.
I urge everybody to get out and attend some of these rallies in their area in support of anything, or even opposition to anything your elected officials are proposing. We the people have got to take our country back.
At the end of the rally we had copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, thanks to the Heritage Foundation, to hand out.
All in all it was a great day.
Thanks to Sherrie Reese (eeevil conservative) for doing a lot of the leg work and making this happen.

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