Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cast-Iron Gonads! Obama Has the Gall to Criticize the Release of Club Gitmo Terrorists

I cannot believe the audacity of this man. This is just unbelievable.
President Barack Obama says the U.S. hasn't done a good job sorting out who should be released from the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

Obama says in a broadcast interview that some of the people released from the facility in Cuba have rejoined terrorist groups. He also says U.S. officials have not always been effective in determining which prisoners will be a danger once they are let go.

But he says the Bush administration's policy of holding detainees for years on end with no trials is "unsustainable,' and has only fueled anti-American sentiments.
Uh, who was it agitating for the release of these monsters and fueling anti-American sentiment? Oh yes, that's right, it was Democrats and their cohorts from the ACLU, among a number of leftwing groups. For years the left whipped up anti-Bush hysteria so when these terrorists are released and return to battle it's now Bush's fault? Whose first order of business as president was it to order the closing of Club Gitmo?

The same guy now complaining.


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