Monday, March 30, 2009

Surprise! Biden's Daughter Had Previous Marijuana Possession Arrest

I guess all this means is she and Obama have more in common than her father does with Obama. Sure, Obama never got popped for possession, as far as we know (the media isn't interested in pursuing it, of course), but we do know he used to like the spliffs, mon.
A decade before a friend came forward trying to sell a video that he claimed showed her snorting cocaine, Vice President Joseph Biden's daughter was busted for pot possession.

Ashley Biden "was a hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with," said Nat Berman, a Tulane University classmate, who said he bailed Ashley out of jail after her 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans, for which no conviction was recorded.

"She was very attractive.

"Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl," Berman said. "She wore some pretty short shorts -- a lot."
Hmm. A party girl wearing short shorts? Why, I think I dig this babe.
Berman told The Post that Ashley -- currently a social worker at a Delaware child-welfare agency -- called him in September 1999 to say she was "on her way over" to his off-campus home "to hang out."

An hour or so later, after she didn't show up, Berman said he received a call from Ashley, who "said she was in jail."

"She was freaking out. She was like, 'I'm in this cell,' " Berman recalled. "She was not happy."

Berman said he paid a bail bondsman "between $200 and $400" to bail Ashley out, and then drove her home.

New Orleans court records confirm Ashley's September 1999 marijuana-possession arrest but do not detail any conviction.
You don't suppose daddy used his influence to get her off maybe?

Maybe a reporter can ask this at today's White House briefing. I'll bet nobody has the onions to do so.

Apparently nobody cared she had another previous arrest. Just imagine if, say, Bristol Palin ever got busted. You think we'd hear about it?

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