Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's TelePrompter Tells Leno He Was 'Stunned' By AIG Bonuses He Knew About Months Ago

Special Olympics Reject

Just saving you all the hassle of having to watch this crap in case you were planning to watch it. Me, I'll still be watching hoops if I can stay awake.
President Barack Obama has told Jay Leno he was stunned when he learned of the bonuses that bailed-out insurance giant AIG was paying its employees.

Obama told "The Tonight Show" host the payments raise moral end ethical problems — and the administration's going to do everything it can to get them back.

But Obama added the bigger problem is the culture that allowed traders to claim them. He says that's got to change if the economy is to recover.

According to NBC, Obama was the first sitting president ever to appear on "The Tonight Show." He'd already appeared twice as a candidate. already appeared twice as a candidate.

In his opening monologue, Leno lots of people were surprised Obama would come on NBC — figuring he'd be tired of big companies on the brink of disaster with a bunch of overpaid executives.
Yes, that's actual AP text. The reporter must be too busy creaming his shorts to notice.

Anyway, this whole manufactured AIG hysteria is curious since Obama's Brain today said nobody cares about it.

Maybe they can get back to Rush Limbaugh next week.

In case you're worried, the remaining over/under tonight on some announcer mentioning Obama's picks is seven. After which I'll be hurling empty Heineken bottles at my television.

Update: What a comedian! Obama cracks funny on the disabled!
The first appearance by a sitting president on "The Tonight Show" may well end up being the last.

President Obama, in his taping with Jay Leno Thursday afternoon, attempted to yuk it up with the funnyman, and ended up insulting the disabled.

Towards the end of his approximately 40-minute appearance, the president talked about how he's gotten better at bowling and has been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

He bowled a 129, the president said.

"That's very good, Mr. President," Leno said sarcastically.

It's "like the Special Olympics or something," the president said.

Update: Ouch.
Another story the press isn’t actually covering…

Without the help of the press - hiding his mistakes, never asking a tough or uncomfortable question, not even curious enough to ask to see his grades in college - where would this guy be? I’m thinking he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office, right now, that’s for sure.

So, tonight, he gets forty minutes on Leno. Next week he’ll have all four networks ditching programming and losing money for him. Again.

When things get hot, when the polling isn’t going right, when he feels unloved, or he needs to be happy, he gets on his big, expensive-to-run Air Force One, with his limos, etc, and he steps before the camera.

Gonna be a long four years.

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