Saturday, March 28, 2009

Slam-Wow: Annoying Pitchman Busted for Slapping Around Hooker

You'd think such a prize like this guy wouldn'thave to pay for the ladies.
The spike-haired infomercial pitchman for the the ShamWow absorbent towel on late-night TV has been charged with slapping around a hooker after a trick went bad for him in Miami Beach, according to published reports.

Vince Shlomi, 44 -- who also peddles the Slap Chop kitchen tool -- allegedly went on the attack after paying $1,000 for a woman he met at a bar to come back to his room for sex last month, reported yesterday.

He told cops that, as the 4 a.m. liaison began, Sasha Lenea Harris bit his tongue "and wouldn't let go."

Shlomi then allegedly punched Harris until she finally let go.

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