Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Sadness: Obama's NCAA Picks Bomb Badly

Well, they've pretty much turned out like the first two months of his presidency: Epic fail.
Another brutal day for President Obama's NCAA Tournament bracket. He was just 8-for-16 on the day and he would be pretty much eliminated from contention in most pools.

The biggest hits he took were Cleveland State's win over Wake Forest and Wisconsin's win over Florida State, which eliminated two of his Sweet 16 teams.

He's in pretty good shape in the West Region, where he's only missed one game. His Midwest Region is a disaster with five incorrect first-round picks.

Overall, Obama picked 19 of 32 first-round games correctly.
Now that's he's on the road to oblivion ESPN can stop talking about this moron.

Special Olympians are laughing at him.

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