Friday, March 20, 2009

MSNBC Looking to Corner the Market on Untalented Hacks

Another possible addition to their stable of idiots.

The Observer has learned that MSNBC president Phil Griffin is in discussions with syndicated talk radio host Ed Schultz about possibly joining the network on a full-time basis. It is unclear what exactly the job would entail should Mr. Schultz and MSNBC come to an agreement.

On March 10, Mr. Schultz, who bills himself as the "most listened-to progressive radio talk show host in America," guest-hosted on MSNBC’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As The Observer reported at the time, the appearance touched off a wave of rumors among MSNBC staffers that Mr. Schultz was being groomed to join the network as an anchor.

This may seem like a wild-eyed idea, but maybe they'd get some ratings if they put a conservative on. Just a thought.

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