Friday, August 28, 2009

Bammy Needs a 'Break From His Vacation'

Poor thing must be exhausted from racking up those triple-bogeys and re-reading books.
After a mid-August trip to America's national parks and a weeklong vacation on Martha's Vineyard, President Obama plans ...

... to take a little more time away from the office next week.

Obama will head to Camp David on Wednesday, Sept. 2, and stay through the weekend, White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters in a Thursday briefing.

Joking that it may have been "wishful thinking" to suggest Obama's current trip out of Washington would coincide with a news-free week, Burton quipped that the president needs a "break from his vacation."

For the second time in just a few days, however, the deputy press secretary emphasized that Obama hasn't disengaged from his responsibilities.

"When you're president, you've always got that job," Burton said.
Frankly I wouldn''t mind if this clown went on a permanent vacation. I hear Kenya is lovely this time of year. Maybe he can stay at his brother George's hut.

Meanwhile, our fearless leader rode a bicycle sans helmet yesterday. Way to man up.

I guess he couldn't handle the jokes after this episode last year.

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