Wednesday, August 19, 2009


What does it profit a government that it loses its soul but gains cheap oil?

Tony Blair was last night accused of agreeing a 'blood money' deal involving the Lockerbie bomber with Colonel Gaddafi just hours before BP unveiled a£500 million oil contract. The then Prime Minister laid the foundations for the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi during a meeting with the Libyan leader in a desert tent two years ago. The pair thrashed out a controversial prisoner transfer deal just before BP chairman Peter Sutherland announced the firm was investing $900million - about £545million - to search for oil in Libya. If the firm strikes rich, it could be worth £13billion.

Mark my word - tomorrow will see the Scottish government release the Lockerbie bomber and the reason is..... OIL! Appeasing terrorists is one of the few things at which UK governments excel.

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