Friday, August 21, 2009

Hapless Paterson Lashes Out, Calls Media Racist

Savor the irony of the accidental governor, who's been cut so much slack from a timid media because of his skin color, whining about being treated unfairly.

Oh, boo-hoo.
Gov. Paterson has officially played the race card.

The beleaguered Democratic governor in a radio interview this morning blamed his troubles on a racist media that he said has taken part in an "orchestrated" effort to get him out of office.

Paterson, a former lieutenant governor, who faces an uphill election fight next year, argued that other prominent black politicians, including President Obama, had received similar treatment.

"I submit that the same kind of treatment that (Gov.) Deval Patrick is receiving right now in Massachusetts, and I'm receiving; the way in which the New York State Senate was written about, calling them a bunch of people with thick necks - they're talking about (Senate President) Malcolm Smith and (Senate Democratic Leader) John Sampson - that we're not in the post-racial period," Paterson said.

"The reality is that the next victim on the list and you see it coming is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than try to reform a health care system that's not ten percent of GDP and will be 20 percent of GDP in the next four years only because he's trying to make change," the governor continued.
Well, we already know Obama isn't beneath playing racial politics and it sure looks as if this pathetic hack isn't either.

Even the commenters at the New York Times are laughing at Paterson. Here's a sample.
How obnoxious! So we’re all OK with electing an African-American President, but not a NY Governor. What a hack.

Many of us wished him nothing but good will when Elliot Spitzer resigned, and have been severely disappointed to watch his “administration” implode because of a lack of focus and vision. Now he pulls out the old chestnut of racism to explain his profound failings. How sad.

How about a special election to get rid of this loser NOW instead of waiting until next year?
Not noted in the Post story is Paterson singling out Fred Dicker. Commenters at the Daily News hammer away.
It's not because you're black, Dave. It's because you're dense. After all this time, you and the idiots you surround yourself with are still out of step. You just ... don't ... get the fact that you aren't cut out for the job. Period.
There's no shame in coming to grips with that.

I was truly in your corner when you inherited the top job, and hoped for nothing but success for you. Then not too long after you were sworn in, we had to hear about your past drug use and marital infidelities. Wonderful. Those revelations were viewed by some as admirable; but after all this time, how have you really moved beyond that?

Time to come up with a "Plan B" Dave. As I suggested a while ago, perhaps lobby for an ambassadorship to some obscure country. You will be rewarded for your past efforts; you gave it your best shot. But that reward shouldn't be a 4-year term as governor of NY. We deserve a break.
Update: Uh oh, time for damage control!
New York Governor David Paterson on Friday released the following statement on "negative" media coverage.

“During a radio interview this morning, I made some observations about the tone of some of the recent negative media coverage.

At no point did I claim that this media piling-on effect was due to race – elected officials of all races get piled on by the media all the time; that is the nature of our business. What I did point out was that certain media outlets have engaged in coverage that exploits racial stereotypes.

“That’s not only unfair – it’s wrong – and it sends an objectionable message. I will not shy away from speaking honestly about prejudices, some subtle and some not, nor will I fail to point out that we have a long way to go to achieve a truly post-racial society.”.
What a joke this guy is.

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