Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RIP, Robert Novak

Legendary newsman and later TV personality Robert Novak has pased away.

Kenneth Y. Tomlinsin eulogizes at Human Events.

More reaction from Ed Morrissey and Lynn Sweet.
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak, one of the nation’s most influential journalists, who relished his “Prince of Darkness” public persona, died at home here early Tuesday morning after a battle with brain cancer.

“He was someone who loved being a journalist, loved journalism and loved his country and loved his family, Novak’s wife, Geraldine, told the Sun-Times on Tuesday.

Novak’s remarkable and long-running career made him a powerful presence in newspaper columns, newsletters, books and on television.

On May 15, 1963, Novak teamed up with the late Rowland Evans Jr. to create the “Inside Report” political column, which became the must-read syndicated column. Evans tapped Novak, then a 31-year old correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, to help with the workload of a six-day-a-week column.

Evans and Novak were the od d couple: Evans a Philadelphia blue blood and Yale graduate; Novak from Joliet, Ill. who attended the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana campus.

Novak handled the column solo after Evans retired in 1993. The Chicago Sun-Times has been Novak’s home paper since 1966.
The always compassionate souls at the Democratic Underground pay their respects.
I'm usually more compassionate, but
not today. Boo fucking hoo.

One dirtbag "conservative" down, a gazillion to go...

Classy lady, that Diane.

Then this charmer.
Quick!!! Cut his heart into four pieces and scatter them.

Don't want this one returning.
More on Novak from the Washington Post.

Assorted reaction here.

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