Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, as I forecast, the UK is setting the Lockerbie bomber free. On "compassionate" grounds. He's off on a private jet to Libya. The US Government has indicated it is unhappy with this decision. Better get used to it. When Blair was in charge, he forced his left wing colleagues to play ball. But he is gone and the UK has slunk further to the left and allowing a mass killer to walk free seems natural, noble even. This is socialism in action, there are no moral absolutes anymore and no crime goes unrewarded.

Megrahi has terminal prostrate cancer. That is what killed my father and it is indeed awful and I would not wish it on anyone. But justice has been set aside in pursuance of realpolitik, and then dressed up in the fluffy lanuguage of liberal compassion. Wrong. This man should die in jail in the UK. His corpse could be sent home.

We have rewarded evil. No good will come of it. Where all the bravehearts who used to chant "No Blood for Oil" now then, eh? Mute.

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