Friday, August 28, 2009

That Time of Year: National Geographic to Air 9/11 Conspiracy Show

Nothing like giving airtime to a bunch of pathetic lunatics who provided inspiration for the famed comment from a fatuous fathead that fire couldn't melt steel.

These cretins have been so thoroughly debunked the past couple of years it's a wonder why the National Geographic Channel would even bother airing this rubbish. On the upside, however, it's helping provide a little comic fodder as we approach the eighth anniversary of 9/11.
EIGHT years after Sept. 11, the debate over what exactly happened that tragic day -- and who is to blame -- rages on.

Several of the most widely known tenets dear to the hearts of those who don't believe the official explanation for what brought down the Twin Towers are put to the test Monday night in an unusual National Geographic Channel special, "9/11: Science and Conspiracy."

* Was the Pentagon hit by an airplane or a missile?

* Did the Twin Towers really collapse from fires caused by burning jet fuel?

* Or were carefully placed explosives inside the buildings the real cause of its collapse?

The special is built around a series of scientific experiments that were conducted under the watchful eyes of a group of Truthers -- the name the conspiracy movement has given itself.

But at least one local Truther -- Sander Hicks, producer of and author of the controversial conspiracy book, "The Big Wedding" -- has seen a critic's DVD of the special and has his own reaction:

"This documentary is clearly part of the cover-up," he says.
The men in white coats are here to see you now, Mr. Hicks.

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