Monday, August 31, 2009

'No One Gets Brought Up Thinking They'll Be a Floozy'

A real banner day for the teaching profession. First we had the New Jersey teacher busted in a cash-for-grades scheme.

Now here we have a teacher fired in April now doing porn. Heck, the school year hasn't even begun and we have two early candidates for teacher of the year.
A Floridian biology teacher fired after posing for racy pictures has landed a new career – in pornography.

Tiffany Shepherd, 31, made headlines in April after bikini-clad pictures of her on a fishing charter got her canned from Port St. Lucie High School. She turned to doing porn, she told a Florida news outlet, after losing custody of two of her three kids to her ex-husband and sending out 2,500 resumes – some even to prisons – without landing a new teaching job.

"I'm not particularly proud of it. To be honest, I hate it," Shepherd told "I'm an educated woman, but I never thought it would come to this. No one gets brought up thinking they'll be a floozy."

On screen, Shepherd goes by the name Leah Lust and has filmed five feature films, including one titled ‘My first sex teacher,' where Shepherd portrays the very job she's been trying to get back.

"It's very professional," says Shepherd on the Web site. "Everyone's tested -- for venereal diseases and AIDS -- and I'm carrying around my little piece of paper that says I'm fine. They love me because I take care of myself and I don't run out to party with my money.
More here.
Under the name Leah Lust, she's appeared in movies such as Please Bang My Wife and My First Sex Teacher. Shepherd is angry about the second film, saying, "I’m livid about that one. It wasn’t supposed to be about a teacher and a student. I didn’t even know the name of the film until I saw it online.”
Imagine that! Unethical porno makers.

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