Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'The Body Bags Aren't Taking a Vacation'

You would almost feel sorry for Barack Obama that he has to suffer the nonsense from this woman, but he should be happy the media is running interference for him. She long ago outlived her usefulness, back around January 20, 2009.
On his first official vacation since taking office, President Barack Obama has tried to leave his work at home. So some demonstrators are bringing the issues to him.

Noted war protester Cindy Sheehan is scheduled to arrive today on Martha's Vineyard to hold a series of peace vigils and other events to confront the president about the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sheehan, who has toured the country in protest since her son, Casey, was killed fighting in Iraq in 2004, will host a gathering starting tomorrow near Blue Heron Farm, where the Obamas are spending the week.

She could not be reached yesterday for comment.

"The body bags aren't taking a vacation," Sheehan, a California native, wrote in a released statement. "As the U.S.-led violence surges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so are the needless deaths on every side."

Sheehan will host peace vigils tomorrow and Saturday at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs, with a news conference and media interviews in between. She will also lead a series of boat trips throughout the end of the week, hosting members of the public and the media in discussions of the wars on a ship, named the SS Camp Casey, after her son.
Outside of this, Sheehan's appearance on Martha's Vineyard has gained little if any attention.

Hmmm. I wonder why?

Meanwhile, the scarce Republicans on Martha's Vineyard are laying low.
Across the Vineyard, Republicans are considered either an endangered species or a secret society, depending on who's talking.

Once a majority of island voters, the bloc has dwindled over the years, local residents and political leaders said. The Vineyard-wide Republican organization disbanded several years back, and no active organization exists today, supporters said.

"I'll have people come up to me and tell me 'I'm with you,' but they won't say it in public," said Morris, who also counts an inflatable punching bag featuring a cartoon picture of Obama among his prized collectibles. "I'm waiting for my window to get broken. If it doesn't, I'll be surprised."

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