Friday, August 21, 2009

When Democrats Attack: Connecticut Alderman Beats Fiancee With Baseball Bat

Naturally since this thug is a Democrat you have to dig around to find a news account actually labeling him as such.
An Ansonia Alderman resigned from his post two days before he was charged with beating his bride-to-be with a baseball bat.

Keith Maynard, a Democrat, faces second degree assault, unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment. He avoided questions from the media while leaving court today, but the victim, who is now his wife, spoke of the betrayal.

"I love my husband more than anything and to know that five days later was my wedding and he could do that and go through with the wedding. I was very surprised," said Ida Maynard.

In court today, the judge issued a protective order, ordering him to have no contact with his wife. News Channel 8 was there as he removed his belongings from their Cook Street home. Maynard has also removed himself from office, submitting his resignation letter August 18 after serving 10 years as an Alderman.

"I'm surprised and saddened. I'm a guy who can usually talk a lot and I'm just speechless," said Stephen Blume, President, Board of Alderman.

The alleged assault happened back in July. Ida had returned home and was attacked by a masked man who was waiting inside. She was knocked to the ground, covered with a blanket and hit with a baseball bat. The assailant then fled out the back door.

"I lived my life in fear every night and to think I was in a house with someone who was supposed to protect me and now, they are the person that put you through all that pain. It's scary," Ida said.

Maynard, who married the victim days after the alleged assault, initially denied any involvement and said he was working in Norwalk at the time of the assault. He is a state employee with the Department of Transportation and has since been placed on paid administrative leave.

But court documents show he finally confessed and he told police, "No idea why I did it."
Um, because you're a sociopath, perhaps?

Here's a news video.


An NBC affiliate managed to churn out 15 paragraphs without identifying Maynard's party. No surprise there. The Hartford Courant also leaves readers in the dark. The Associated Press also fails basic journalistic principles.

Be assured if a Republican pummeled his wife with a bat the party affiliation would be the first word in every story.

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