Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama's Summer Re-Reading

One of the dumbest annual exercises is the media's silly obsession with what presidents read during their summer vacation. Since they thought George W. Bush was such a dunce they always made sure to tell us what he was supposedly reading between covering his brush-clearing and Cindy Sheehan press conferences. So naturally with Barack Obama touted to be some towering intellect we've already seen countless stories about what he's reading while not sending us further into crushing debt and hitting triple bogeys on the golf course.

So we note with some amusement this report from a sharp-eyed NY Post scribe.
Looks like President Obama is one slow reader.

The commander in chief's list of beach books for his Martha's Vineyard vacation includes an environmental best seller that he bragged about reading almost a year ago on the campaign trail.

Obama was so taken with Thomas Friedman's "Hot, Flat and Crowded" that he quoted it at a rally last September in Flint, Mich., and one media outlet described it as the book that was currently on the then-candidate's nightstand.

The 448-page book appeared again on Monday on the list of five books that Obama planned to read on his vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

For his weeklong vacation, the White House claims Obama also brought along four other books -- ranging from gritty crime drama "Lush Life" by Richard Price to David McCullough's 752-page "John Adams."

Maybe he should have brought a golf book.

After hitting the links at the Mink Meadows course in Vineyard Haven with his personal chef Sam Kass, a neighbor spotted Obama shooting a triple bogey -- at best.
No doubt Obama's lackeys at MSNBC and CNN will be yukking it up over this gaffe.

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