Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color This Change

Recently an organization called Color of Change has taken exception with some things that Glenn Beck has said on his show on Fox News, so they started blackmailing, (can I say that?) companies that advertised during his time slot. They are claiming a lot of success and maybe they are having some effect, but not the one they wanted.

Glenn's ratings continue to soar, even though his show airs at 5 pm EST when a lot of us are stuck in rush hour traffic coming home from our job. Well those of us that still have one after the resounding success of the stimulus package has had.
Beck attracted 2.81 million viewers Monday, his third-largest audience since his show launched on Fox News in January, according to Nielsen Media Research data provided by the network. On Tuesday, nearly 2.7 million viewers tuned in, his fifth-largest viewership to date. And the conservative host got a plug from former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who urged people to watch his program in a post on her Facebook page.

While the Color of Change is bragging about their success I would sort of take that with a grain of salt. The companies have not pulled their advertising from Fox, rather Fox has simply moved those commercials to different times, so they continue to reap the benefits of those advertising dollars. The second part is without all of those commercials Glenn now has more time to conduct interviews and have his say, so in essence these idjits have given Glenn more air time to take this administration to task and ask those disturbing questions about Barry O's "friend", who are now political appointees.

If this is victory they must have a really good definition of defeat, I am thinking something along the lines of what happened to the Romans at the hands of Hannibal at The Battle of Lake Trasimene.

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