Monday, August 17, 2009

NY Democrat: 'I Will Vote Adamantly Against the Interest of My Constituents'

Unbelievable. Did this dummy think telling the truth to these nutroots clowns wouldn't get out?

Hope he enjoys his stay in Congress. It will end next year.

As he notes himself, Massa is in a very conservative district. I'm sure the folks there will be thrilled to see this video.

A Wikipedia page.
A former Republican, he left his party over the issue of the Iraq War and campaigned in New Hampshire during the campaign of his former boss, Wesley Clark's failed presidential bid.

During the 2006 campaign, Massa positioned himself as strongly opposed to the Iraq war and unrestricted "free trade," favoring instead "fair trade". Other issues in his platform included expanding farm aid programs, as well as bringing homeland security money to the 29th District. Massa is also active in Band of Brothers/Veterans for a Secure America whose goal is to help veterans who are running for Congress as Democrats. He also supported a system for universal health care.
Aww, isn't this cute, he's got himself a Daily Kos diary.

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