Saturday, August 29, 2009

Classy: Kids Exploited at Kennedy Mass to Promote ObamaCare

Via Gateway Pundit.

Really, these people just have no shame, sending little kids up there for the cause. And that second kid, don't his parents know a decent barber? Good grief, clean that kid up.

Best summed up here.
The boss has been writing about the left’s use of kids as sympathetic “human shields” for their policies for years and years, but even so, I’m amazed. I thought the moral authority of the religious setting would create enough cover for Obama or whoever to toss a few bones to health care in their eulogies; I guess, like Karl says, they were skittish after the Wellstone memorial fiasco and figured they couldn’t take any chances. Enter this poor little boy, charged with politicizing a prayer because the gutless pols around him didn’t have the balls to do it themselves.
For all the finger-wagging and tut-tutting from the left about the sacred separation of church and state, it always seems they're the ones invoking religion into politics. Which explains why they worship at the altar of liberalism.

Love this headline:

Kennedy remembered for 'the dream he kept alive'

Plus a little unintended black humor.
Hundreds lined nearby sidewalks, ignoring the rain, as the funeral procession passed.

"I said to myself this morning, 'No matter what the weather, I'm going, I don't care if I have to swim," said Lillian Bennett, 59, who added she was a longtime Kennedy supporter and determined to get as close as she could to the invitation-only funeral.
I'll always remember him for who he didn't keep alive.

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