Monday, August 31, 2009

'How the Hell Does Star Trek Smell Anyway?'

Yet another sign of the apocalypse: Star Trek cologne.
Put down your phasers, Star Trek fans.

If you really want to stun the Trekkie of your affections, try spraying on a little sci-fi scent behind those Vulcan ears.

Riding on the buzz surrounding the latest Star Trek movie, released in May, online fan merchandise company Genki Wear is selling three new fragrances, the idea of which was met with mixed reviews among Trekkies yesterday at Fan Expo Canada's last day.

Peter Palermo, a 42-year-old college professor decked out in a Deep Space Nine Starfleet uniform, said he would buy Pon Farr, a scent named after the mating cycle in which Vulcans are thrown into blood fever every seven years and can only survive if they passionately make love.

"The sexy side of Pon Farr is kind of interesting," he said.

Pon Farr also piqued Leonard Nimoy's interest. The actor, who portrayed Spock in movies and the original television series, had a good laugh when he heard about the colognes from a fan yesterday.

At first he wouldn't commit to wearing one of them. "I don't know, I'd have to smell them. Who knows? I might find it irresistible."

But his days as a Vulcan must have had an impact. "Really?" he said, his eyes lighting up when the Star told him Pon Farr was one of the scents. "Let's go for that one."

Another scent, Tiberius, is named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk. The company says it "embodies bravery and spirit, blending chemistry and emotion." Apparently, citron, black pepper and white musk will do that.

And the last scent, Red Shirt, is said to: "Smell like the future, because tomorrow may never come,"
referring to the expendable extras who tend to get killed during a mission.

Sally Grande, 58, an Oshawa Trekkie, said she plans to wear her Pon Farr every day.

But some fans found the marketing gimmick over the top.

"How the hell does Star Trek smell anyway? To me it smells like a VHS tape," said Maya Ter Stege, 21.
I was never much for Star Trek or any of the movies, but considering the following they have you could bottle dog piss and some of these people would wear it.

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