Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Suddenly a NASCAR Fan

A pathetically transparent attempt at bamboozling some of those red state hillbillies that usually are derided by liberals. If Barack Obama could name a single NASCAR driver before yesterday I'd be surprised. Just like his recent healthcare tour out west where he magically surfaced in red states before adoring crowds of ACORN and SEIU members, this is a lamely transparent attempt to snooker some red-staters.

Nice try. NASCAR fans are much brighter than your average union goon and I doubt they'd fall for this nonsense.

We noted yesterday how it's nearly impossible to avoid seeing him on the television. Sure enough I turn on ESPN last night and it's all Obama all the time. Of course when this came on I turned on Special Report with Brett Baier, but in case you're feeling masochistic, here's that interview where he pretends to be a NASCAR fan.

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