Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tensions Flare at 'Union Town Hall'

We noted Monday that Florida Democrat Alan Grayson was holding his town hall meeting inside a local union headquarters with the union laughably claiming they weren't involved.

Well, apparently things got pretty testy last night.
Some people waited for hours and never got inside a town hall meeting for health care reform, held in downtown Orlando and hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson.

Before the public meeting began at 7:45 p.m., the Democratic Executive Committee gathered for a special question and answer session with the congressman. While they were asked to give up their seats at the conclusion of the session, not all of them left.

Outside were dozens of angry people who thought they would have a chance to be heard.
So we start out with an audience stacked with union and Democrat Executive Committee members and the local peons wait hours on line and aren't let in.
While people quietly listened to Congressman Grayson inside, outside was a totally different scene. “Read the bill! Read the bill!” the crowd chanted, repeatedly. “Facts, not fear!” responded others.

Since the Democratic Executive Committee got first choice inside the room, people who waited outside were outraged and some were even arrested.

“He is my congressman!” shouted one man who was escorted away. “I'm not afraid of Alan Grayson! I didn't contribute to his campaign!”

So familiar outbursts seen around the country over this hot-button issue are now part of Central Florida political landscape.

Congressman Grayson said he didn't realize he needed a bigger room, because when he had a meeting on the same subject just three weeks ago, he said no one from the public attended.
Three weeks ago Congress was still in session. Once the public realized they were going to have socialist health care shoved down their throats without debate, then people started showing up. But for Grayson to lamely claim he didn't realize he needed a bigger room strains all credulity. Is he really that out of touch or is he just being disingenuous?

Compounding the problem was the union hall holds 125 people, which obviously leaves many in the public unable to get in.
Hundreds of people showed up for a town hall meeting in Orlando to have their voices heard in the healthcare debate, but most of them never made it in the door.

The meeting hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson was held in a union hall that had a capacity of 125 people. Inside the hall the crowd was passionate, but under control. Outside, however, it was nearly a mob scene.

Before the meeting even started, hundreds of people were lined up outside but only 125 could get in. People lined up outside the meeting venue were fired up and chanting.

"He picks hall with 128-seats, fills half of them before we get here," said Mike Dwyer, concerned citizen.
Let's see if Grayson follows through on his commitment to hold more meetings. If he's got any guts he'd find a non-union location for these meetings and allow the public full access.

But the Democrats don't want that. They prefer their audiences stacked while leaving the regular schlubs upset outside so it can be portrayed as a mob, when in reality it's just a bunch of pissed-off citizens angry with the fact they're being ignored and disrespected.

That doesn't seem to be registering with the Democrats, although it will resonate loudly next November.

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