Monday, August 31, 2009

Rewriting History: 'Ted Kennedy Spent His Life Looking Out for Others'

The revisionist history and whitewashing of Ted Kennedy's life continues. Today's installment of inanity comes from none other than the diminutive Daily News sportswriter Mike Lupica, who never met a Democratic tush he didn't smooch.

Who knew St. Edward of Hyannis Port was so selfless? Naturally Kennedy's magnanimity helped him rise above the level of mortal men, especially those evil right-wingers on the radio. Can someone please help Lupica get through a column without invoking his tired canards about the right?
There was tragedy in his life, and constant loss. He helped create a terrible tragedy himself at Chappaquiddick. That does not change with his passing. Nor does this: Kennedy was a giant of this country, of public service, of the U.S. Senate, and he makes so many politicians he leaves behind look small enough to fit in your pocket.

To the end, he showed that differences in philosophy and ideology didn't have to bring more meanness and hatred to the country, as well as hate sells now on right-wing radio and television, as much of a growth industry as it has become.
Where is this rightwing televison he speaks of? I'd really appreciate knowing so I could watch some.

Also, if Lupica is so offended by all the hate and meanness, he may want a refresher as to when that all began. And it wasn't on the radio.

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Update: Thanks to Infidel Joe for reminding me of this blast from the past. Chilling stuff. But since it was on the evil "rightwing radio" I guess Mikey Lilliputian never heard it.

More detail on the events of July 1969 here.

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