Monday, March 22, 2010

Black 'Racist Teabagger' Tweets Obama Threat

Over the weekend some buffoon named Solly Forell decided to act like a complete asshole and tweeted this:

Forell, apparently, is a self-described conservative blogger, although I can say with certainty I've never heard of this person or any of the blogs he purportedly runs. It doesn't appears he has many Twitter followers, and probably alot fewer since Saturday.

Naturally, he's quickly been labeled a racist teabagger. Just one problem. Forell also describes himself on his Twitter page:
Barack Obama's election in 2008 as the 44th POTUS was an American Electorate mistake & as an 'authentic' African-American - I should know.
Now as we've been told by our friends on the left, teabaggers are all white, so how can Forell be one of them?

The Daily Caller also notes someone else lost their mind on C-SPAN, apparently.

Here's hoping Forell soon has a visit from the Secret Service, if he hasn't already. The left might want to calm their indignation just a bit since over the years comment threads at many of their own sites were larded with wishes for certain politicans to become very much dead and just last year MSNBC host Ed Schulz wished death upon former Vice President Dick Cheney.

A non-entity like Forell will get what's coming to him in short order. But before the left conveniently calls him racist, they should be fair and note he's also black.

One wishes they'd also become indignant when Democrat operatives wind up working for al Qaeda, but I guess that's too much to ask.

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