Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'You Don't Even Know What To Say'

He's right. Something so depraved leaves me speechless.
A 7-year-old Trenton girl was sold like a prostitute to a pack of perverts and wound up being gang raped by up to seven men and boys.

And the person who pimped out the grade-schooler was her 15-year-old stepsister
, police said Wednesday.

"Let the boys do what they want to do," the teenager told the younger girl as the leering lechers looked on, police said.

Then the teen stepped back and watched as the men took turns molesting the helpless girl, Trenton Police Capt. Joseph Juniak said.

"You don't even know what to say," Juniak said, struggling to find the words to describe the depravity. "It's incomprehensible."

The horror show happened Sunday when the teenager took the 7-year-old with her to a party in the Rowan Towers - a crime-infested high-rise housing project near the New Jersey statehouse.

The teenager left the younger girl unattended in the living room while she went into a bedroom and had sex with several male partygoers for money.

When she was done, she walked out, gave the 7-year-old a wad of money, and told her to let the men "touch her," said Juniak.

"It went from touching to straight out assault and rape," Juniak said. "They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone."

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