Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally: Playboy Bunny Outfits for Sale

Well, this solves that always troublesome dilemma as to what I buy my wife for her birthday. Won't she be thrilled.
Here’s an outfit to hop up and down about.

Officially-sanctioned Playboy Bunny ensembles are now available for women, complete with fluffy cottontails.

Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner had steadfastly declined to market the Bunny outfits worn by waitresses at his Playboy Clubs, which opened in Chicago in 1960. But in honor of the 50th anniversary of the clubs – only one of which remains — he agreed to sell a limited edition “Bunny inspired” ensemble, according to The Sun.

The outfits are only available through UK sex toys and lingerie retailer Ann Summers. New York gals who don’t want to hop across the pond for their want rabbit ears can order the sexy ensemble for $67 through the Ann Summers web site.

The outfit includes “a flattering, sexy corset with ribbon corsetry for maximum shape, built-in padding for a full Bunny bust, and a sensual satin finish,” according to the chain’s web site.

The set, which is sold in sizes small, medium and large, comes with satin knickers, a satin bow tie collar and white cuffs with the Playboy logo. Of course it wouldn’t be complete with the Bunny ears headband and “a large, soft Bunny tail.” But the wearer will have to provide her own high heels.

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