Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manufactured Outrage of the Day: Left Horrified Over Alleged Gay Slur at DC Rally

Savor the irony. For a year now tea party protesters have been called teabaggers, a crude sexual term. Today Barney Frank claims someone in Washington called him a gay slur, although there's no evidence to support his claim. James Clyburn also claims he was called the n-word. Again, there's no evidence to support his assertion.

Why don't I believe them? Oh, right, they're Democrats, and they're professional liars. The same claims are made here, again without evidence. Rummaging through the comments I quickly lost count how many times the term "teabagger" was used. Irony escapes them.

Seems like some astroturfing to me. Doug Ross points out a past staged outrage at a tea party event it just so happened to be done by SEIU plants.

This video from Think Progress is supposed to contain some menacing threats to some black Democrats. Other than protesters say "kill the bill" I don't hear any racial slurs.

Without any evidence to support these claims, the leftwing blogs are all freaking out tonight. Then again, when have they ever needed evidence to support their outlandish claims?

If there were people there who said some stupid things, then shame on them. I just can't get worked up over this when there is no proof. We do have proof, however, of the CBS White House correspondent calling protesters teabaggers. How professional of him.

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