Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GOP Outcasts Graciously Offer Advice to Tea Partiers

On one side you have backstabber Scott McClellan, a guy who endorsed Obama in 2008, letting us know how "divisive" the Tea Party is, and on the other side we have David Frum, who recently was drummed out of a conservative think tank for his relentless bashing of conservatives. So where do they show up? Why with the hapless Larry King on the rapidly deteriorating CNN.

McClellan obviously missed the news that the Tea Party is far more popular than Congress. He says they're "marginal" and have limited influence. If that's the case, why is everyone talking about them?

I have to laugh how Frum calls Larry King an important show. The dude is stuck in some 1992 time warp or something.

Enjoy your irrelevance, guys. You've earned it.

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