Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming Soon: Discovery Channel Derangement Syndrome

Just the news that Sarah Palin will host a show on the Discovery Channel is drive to drive the haters crazy.
Sarah Palin's new TV home is likely to be at Discovery, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Report: A&E and Discovery interested in Sarah Palin reality series

The cable network is close to acquiring Palin's reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and is expected to announce an agreement in the coming days, sources told the trade paper. It is unclear if the series would air on the Discovery flagship station or its sister network, TLC.

The travelogue series, which will be produced by Mark Burnett, would feature the former governor giving guided tours of her home state. Palin, 46, started shopping around the project earlier this month. After broadcast networks passed, Discovery and A&E each set their sights on the series.
Consideirng Discovery far outranks MSNBC in the cable universe, it's sure to deal a devastating psychological blow to the children over there.

The reaction is sure to be far more hysterical than this news of a recent CNN hire.

The Kos Kidz are already suffering.
Though I guess it goes towards Discovery's quest to be all Bibles & War, 24/7, cause they have a Bible-thumping snowbilly who is at war with nature, all just for $1.2 million an episode.

Not sure what Discovery is thinking here, since Teabaggers probably don't watch the liberal media, especially one trying to teach them something.

Then again, I bet this show is so full of fluff, that Palin will look like a fluffer getting her precious nature hard and rustic enough for the money shot.

But whatever keeps her busy and out of politics, just sad to see Discovery Channel shoot themselves in the face on a hunting trip with Palin.
In case you were wondering what a fluffer was...

Classy stuff.

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