Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama Not Treating Terrorism as a Legal Matter, Either

The Justice Department, in a vain attempt to rebut the criticism leveled at them by Republicans--most notably the Cheneys--have published a chart showing 403 cases being prosecuted or that have been prosecuted involving terrorism-related charges.

Just one thing, though. While perusing the database, because that's what I do, I noticed something strange. There are either far fewer folks trying to kill us or else the Justice Department has really slacked off pursuing the bad guys. This became apparent when looking at the arrest date and noticing that they dropped off precipitously starting in 2008. In fact, since the election of Barry O, who we know is sympathetic to bombers, there have been only seven arrests.

I guess the Dems are right to be outraged by the criticism that they are treating terrorism as a law enforcement matter, since according to the Justice Department's own figures it is obvious they don't. I don't think it is because the followers of the Religion of Peace™ are any less fervent in their desire to destroy western civilization.

Another interesting tidbit is that while Lynne Stewart, the terrorist enabling leftist lawyer, is on the list, the Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan is not.

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