Friday, March 26, 2010

Convictions In Kentucky Voting Fraud Case

Last year about this time I posted a story about charges that were filed in Clay County, Kentucky involving a case of out and out voter fraud. We aren't talking voter registration here, but actual manipulation of the vote. Well, the verdict has come in. Guilty on all charges.
A jury convicted a former judge and seven others on Thursday of scheming to buy votes for several local offices in an eastern Kentucky county.

The jury in U.S. District Court in Frankfort deliberated for nine hours over two days before convicting all eight people in a federal racketeering conspiracy. Those convicted on Thursday included former Circuit Judge R. Cletus Maricle and former school Superintendent Douglas C. Adams.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the jury also convicted several of the defendants on other charges, including mail fraud, extortion and laundering money that was used to buy votes.
Of course the reporting on this is another classic example of Name That Party, a game that has become a favorite in bars and frat houses all around the country. I however have this little portion from earlier reporting on the matter.
According to the indictment, Democratic election commissioner Charles Wayne Jones and election officer William E. Stivers helped extort money from candidates. In some cases, candidates were apparently asked to pool money so votes could be bought.
Anybody who self-identifies themselves as a Democrat ought to face some serious challenges in the job market. You are known by the company you keep, and so far the Democrats sure are proving themselves to be a bunch of tax cheats, liars, and schemers. I don't think I would want anybody working for me that expressed an affinity for the Democrats.

However, it does appear that maybe the Democrats healthcare plan is enabling blind people to see.
Briggs said 78 people asked for help in that election because they were blind, but investigators found nearly 40 had a license to drive. Many drove to London after the FBI asked them to come for interviews, Briggs testified.
Update: The article I originally linked to was the AP version of events. I have found the actual reporting of this scandal from the local paper, and they don't play the game, along with giving a chronology of the story and mugshots.

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