Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now That's a Real Headache

Ouch. They really taking their gaming seriously over in China.
An astonishing picture has emerged that shows a teenage boy with what appears to be a 10-inch knife embedded in his skull after a row over a computer game.

Chinese media have reported that the boy was playing the online game Counter-Strike with his friends at an internet cafe when the attack occurred.

Xiao Wei, 16, of Mishazi town, in north-east China's Jilin province, even walked to the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University with the help of his friends.

The cleaver was stabbed into Wei's left temple, leaving only the handle protruding, and exited 1cm from his right temple.

'His face was covered in blood, but he was still conscious,' said Professor Yan Shijun, deputy director of neurosurgery department of the hospital.

Wei and his friend Huang were playing Counter-Strike and defeated most of the 'enemies' in the virtual world.

'When we were playing games, a group of people from the same cafe came to us, saying we must install some software to win the game. Then we had an argument with them,' said 18-year-old Huang.

Wei and Huang were allegedly pulled out of the cafe and beaten to the ground outside.
Huang said: 'My left arm was stabbed through by them, and when they had gone, I found Xiao Wei was lying on the ground with a knife in his head.'

Gaming website Gamer Crave reported that the attackers had accused Wei of using a cheat code that allowed his character in the game to see through walls - making it easier to locate opponents.

Dr Yan said it was the first time during 23 years of medical practice that he'd seen a patient remain conscious after being stabbed through the head.

X-rays and CAT scans confirmed that the cleaver luckily didn't hit any main arteries or nerves. However, the patient may have post-surgery complications like infections, brain damage, epilepsy fits, and tetanus.

Doctors operated for more than two hours to take out the knife, which has a blade measuring 14cm.
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