Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great News: Oliver Stone's Hugo Chavez Flick Coming to America

With any luck it'll draw less than Uma Thurman's new flick, if that's actually possible. Though we should never underestimate the stupidity of the American left, and the lemmings will likely line up to see one of their heroes on the big screen.
But now, Americans will have the chance to decide for themselves what to make of the 70-minute documentary, thanks to the efforts of Cinema Libre. On June 25, the distributor will release South of the Border in New York, followed quickly by an L.A. premiere on July 2. “Not only is it a genuine honor to work with one of the greatest American directors, but his insightful documentary shows how these leaders of Latin America are being intentionally villanized by the U.S. mass media,” Cinema Libre’s Philippe Diaz told Reuters. “This unique dialogue needed the eye and the courage of a director like Stone to convince us that these leaders are fighting for a more humane society, which means defending themselves against American corporate interests.”

Stone undertook this project with Chávez after his initial idea to document Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was turned down by the Iranian president. For South of the Border, Stone enlisted the help of British-Pakistani commentator Tariq Ali, who had already worked with Chávez to write the 2006 book Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope.
How bad is this drivel? According to Time:
South of the Border is a near sibling to the Michael Moore docu-comedy Capitalism: A Love Story, which premiered at Venice last night and which looks like a masterpiece of attitudinal moviemaking next to Stone's slapdash effort.
No doubt it'll win plenty of awards from the Chavez sycophants in Hollywood.

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