Thursday, March 25, 2010

But Government Run Healthcare Will Be Different

In yet just another example of government ineffiency, a lot of the Census forms being sent out to residents of Georgia have the wrong address on them. The Census bureau tells us it is nothing to worry about. Don't correct them. It is fine. Trust us.

It is more then a few isolated incidents here in Georgia too. One of the local news shows did a piece on this and reported on just how wide spread this problem is.
If you got a 2010 Census form – but your city or and zip code is wrong or missing – fill out the form and send it in to the U.S. Census Bureau anyway, Henry County officials said Wednesday.

Don’t cross anything out or write in the correct city name. And, don’t cross out the bar code; that’s what the U.S. Census Bureau uses to match up each house with the correct city or town, officials said.

County officials sent out an alert after a number of people have called saying they’ve received a Census form but the city and zip code don’t match where their house is physically located. The Census form says “McDonough,” for example, but they live in a town just outside.

The U.S. Census Bureau basically did this to make it easier to mail the more than 120 million forms out earlier this month, Henry County officials said.

Now the sinister side of me, who has begun distrust everything coming out of our Imperial Federal Government, and now questions the real motivation behind anything they do, wonders why millions of dollars was spent on an advertising campaign telling us how important this census was would send out census forms with the wrong address.

Bear in mind these results are what is used to determine your congressional representation, distribution of tax dollars, and for a hundred other uses. So why would you send out census forms that had incorrect data and not want them corrected?

They even tell us that don't worry about it since it is the bar code that matters. Can you assure me that that bar code accurately reflects the correct information? How do I know that a census form filled out for Woodstock, GA isn't being credited to Woodstock, NY? Might make a difference in which states gain seats in congress and which ones lose seats now might it?

Remember earlier this year Obama tried to wrestle control of the Census away from the agency tasked with conducting this audit. For me it isn't a far stretch for them to be applying Chicago style tactics on a national scale, and we have plenty of evidence of this administration doing just that.

We're from the government, and we are here to help. Just saying.

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