Saturday, March 20, 2010

NY Times Columnist in Deep, Deep Denial

It goes without saying most of the columnists at the New York Times are Kool-aid slurping Obama worshippers, but this clown has taken the slobbering to new levels. The headline alone is a dead giveaway:

Could Obama Be Invincible?
As we stand at the verge of the historic vote on the health care bill — a signature piece of President Obama’s agenda — it feels appropriate to take a look at how he has fared during the long slog that got us here. My quick assessment: remarkably well.

First, let’s take his job approval rating. Yes, it slid during the summer, but it stabilized around 50 percent in November and has hovered there ever since.
Um, sorry to break this to you, Chuck, but since Obama was sworn in his approval index is down 49 points from a positive of 29 to today's minus 21. But you go ahead and keep think he's doing remarkably well.
The empty-headed chattering class began another round of speculation and inane analysis this week when his approval rating dropped to 46 percent, its lowest yet. Silly pundits.

It was a minor tick and overplayed. If I were a Republican strategist (God forbid!), I would actually be very worried that the lower 50s/upper 40s could be Obama’s bottom. He has weathered some of the worst months of his young presidency recently, and his numbers have barely budged.
Barely budged? According to Gallup, his 52-week high was 68% and today it stands at 47%. That's barely budging?

Good grief. The delusions continue.
At the conclusion of his Wednesday appearance on Fox News, insolent interviewer Bret Baier interrupted the president for the umpteenth time to ask him if he thought that the health care bill would pass. Obama responded with a familiar line: “I do. I’m confident it will pass. And the reason I’m confident that it’s going to pass is because it’s the right thing to do.”
Nice top see the Media Matters talking points firmly taking hold. Bret Baier was insolent? Heaven forbid anybody ask The Invincible One a tough question. Did you media twerps expect him to serve an entire term without ever being challenged? Baier is probably the tamest man on the staff at Fox and you folks are whining about him?
Regardless of whether the health care bill survives, Obama has demonstrated that he can. And if the reform bill passes, and his numbers rebound, I’m going to take to calling him Barack the Unbreakable.
Good Lord. Now when Obama's party is crushed in November, and they will be, can we call him Barack the Broken?

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