Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Cutting Off a Penis Can Be Fatal'

Breaking up is hard to do, of course. But self-mutilation after the fact? Dude took this one really hard...
A despairing young man cut off his own penis and hurled it down a well after learning that his girlfriend was going to marry another man, The Jakarta Globe reported Tuesday.

The jilted lover came perilously close to death, doctors said, after losing a massive amount of blood during the incident in Central Java's Bantasari village.

He was rushed to Cilacap General Hospital in a critical condition where doctors saved his life -- but they could not reattach the severed member, as it remained undiscovered despite the efforts of villagers.

Hospital director Sugeng Budi Susanto told The Globe: "It was a critical time. Cutting off a penis can be fatal."

A source said the 19-year-old, known only by the initials AMD, had chopped off his penis in a suicide bid -- thinking nobody would be able to save his life.

He spent several days in intensive care but is now in a standard recovery room -- with extra security because so many journalists are besieging the hospital.
I suspect this guy will be on permanent suicide watch.

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