Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Single Payer Supporters Threatening Members of Congress?

Might as well make an attempt at a pre-emptive strike here since we all know the spin and accepted conventional wisdom will say about these alleged threats that members of congress. Those allegations were made by Democrat house member Steny Hoyer today and of course the implication is that all of those right wing, Tea Party, talk radio listening, DHS watch list folks are behind it.

This sort of behavior is mostly reserved for the far left. They, after all, are the ones who vandalize military recruiting stations, try to smear fake blood on government officials, and leave a path of destruction in the wake of all of their "peaceful" protests. They viciously attacked people in California who supported a ban on gay marriage, causing some to lose jobs, and even their elected officials tried, convicted and sentenced members of our military before the facts were known.

No, I don't think these threats are coming from the right. Sounds more like the folks issuing these threats are those progressives who didn't get their single payer system. It would explain why so many Democrats, since passage of the bill, have made statements meant to reassure the far left folks that they will get to a single payer system, just give them some time.

Well, it looks like time for the Dems will run out in November and then we will see if this monstrosity of a government takeover can be reversed.

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