Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Three-Ways Go Bad

What is it with three-ways going horribly wrong in Australia?
A LATROBE man became so upset when his girlfriend tried to engage him in a threesome that he bashed and choked her until she blacked out.

The Supreme Court in Burnie heard the woman brought her female friend along on a camping trip last April and confessed to her partner, Phillip Hilton Bissett, that she was bisexual.

She plied Bissett, 44, with alcohol to make him "more receptive" to the notion of a threesome.

The court heard the three engaged in some "mild intimacy" but, as the two women became more involved with each other, Bissett decided to leave.

He drove off but, drunk, crashed into bushes. His partner ran after him and tried to take the car keys from him.

By this stage others in the camping area were looking on.

As the woman again grabbed at the keys, Bissett slapped her and pushed her to the ground.

She tried to run off, but Bissett punched her to the head, chest and back before choking her until she lost consciousness.

The victim suffered bruising and a sore neck but recovered.

Bissett spent the night and next day in police custody.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of assault.
Should have just gone along with it.

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