Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enough Already! I Sent the Damn Census Form Back!

Two weeks ago I got a notice telling me the census form was forthcoming. A week ago I got the actual form, wouldn't you know. I filled it out but refused to play the race game. Be creative with that one, folks, the possible answers are plentiful. Today, to my surprise, I got a reminder telling me I should have gotten a census form a few days ago.

Enough! I get it. There's a census. How much money is being wasted on this? I figure they've now tripled the amount necessary in postage costs rather than just sending the damn form once. But that's government efficiency for you. Oh, and let's not forget the television ad blitz ongoing the past two months. But hey, ObamaCare will save us money, right? Even after all that, I can almost guarantee some census clown will be showing up at my door before long asking what race I am.

Speaking of ObamaCare, a certain doctor is registering his disapproval with the AMA. He should probably expect a follow-up reminding to send in his AMA dues.

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