Friday, March 26, 2010

Prostidude Now Out of Work

Another victim of the Obama recession. Hard to figure out why the ladies aren't lining up to pay to have sex with a guy who looks like Kos.
Talk about falling on hard times.

The 25-year-old beefy ex-Marine who put the "dude" in prosti-dude has reportedly decided to call it quits after getting fewer than 10 customers over the past three months.

Markus -- the first man ever hired by Bobbi Davis to work at her Shady Lady bordello located about 150 miles outside Las Vegas -- has been put on the sidelines in favor of another gigolo in his mid-30s who performs under the name "Y. Not."

Though the Nye County brothel had temporarily stopped servicing women, Davis said she isn't ready to give up on her groundbreaking foray into male prostitution -- hoping for a happy ending at some point.

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