Friday, March 26, 2010

She Should Be Happy Someone Noticed Her

The things these low-rated MSNBC hosts do for attention.
Liberal TV lioness Rachel Maddow is demanding an apology from GOP U.S. Sen. Scott Brown for raising campaign dough on scuttlebutt she’s planning to run against him in 2012 - a false rumor that was actually trumped up by Bay State Democrats.

“The idea that the Democrats are to blame for this doesn’t even make sense. It’s ridiculous,” Maddow told the Herald yesterday. “Scott Brown made this up in order to make money off my name and likeness and I think he should stop. And I think he should apologize.”

Maddow, who lives in western Massachusetts, called Brown a “creep” in a planned MSNBC newspaper ad scheduled to run today and slammed him for sending out a nationwide fund-raising letter this week “smearing me to raise money for himself.”
Now mentioning someone in a fundraising letter is a smear? Good grief, get over yourself. Maybe she should take it up with the idiots that started it.
However, the rumor sprang from a Facebook page launched by a liberal Northhampton radio host, was fueled by a mysterious tweet from the state Democratic party chairman and got pumped up as recently as Wednesday by the state’s Democratic governor.

Earlier this month, radio yakker Bill Dwight and another man created a Facebook page titled “Rachel Maddow for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts in 2012.”

A few days later, John Walsh, chairman of the state Democratic Party, sent a curious “tweet” to his Twitter followers that included his contact information and read, “Some are talking about you running vs Scott Brown in ’12.”
But hey, let's just bash Scott Brown for it.

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