Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good News: Corrupt Rangel Contemplating Retirement

Only two more years and this hack may consider leaving to spend more time with his wife. If she'll have him.
Charlie Rangel beat the post-censure blues last week by reveling in upcoming combat with the new crop of Republicans in what could be a two-year last hurrah.

"At my age, I have to think about it," Rangel said of chances he will call it a career after serving his 21st term in the new Congress sworn in next month.

"At my age, you don't buy green bananas," Rangel said with a grin. "I do realize that I'm 80 years old."
Exactly. What Rangel does is have someone else but the bananas, then he eats them himself. He knows how the system works.
He said he's coming under increasing pressure from his wife, Alma, to hang it up. "That's all she ever asks me - 'Do you see somehow that this work can come to an end, do you ever believe that the world can get along without you? Do you believe that after close to 50 years of marriage, you might spend some time with me and the grandchildren rather than running around with your constituents and colleagues in the Congress?'"

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