Friday, December 03, 2010

'They're Just Breasts'

Now this is the kind of debate I can really get a handle on.
A heated debate is raging over an online magazine posting images of readers' breasts on their website.

The NZ Girls Lovely Pair campaign invites readers to display their breasts - with and without bras - in order to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

The promotion has been slammed as a cheap stunt by youth sexuality educator Rachel Hansen, who labelled it "irresponsible" and "an absolute marketing ploy".

"As soon as you go onto the NZ Girl website you are blasted with advertising, it is absolutely ridiculous... to say that they are not making money out of this campaign," she said.

However NZ Girl founder and director Jenene Freer, who debated the subject with Hansen on TV ONE's Close Up tonight, says such criticism is inaccurate and denies the site has a commercial agenda.

"This isn't a marketing stunt, we're not making any money out of this... once the campaign has finished we will take the images down.

"Ten thousand women have looked at the breast health awareness article as a result of this," she said.

Over the past three days 170 women have posted images of their breasts on the website, and $3,000 has been donated to charity.

"They're just breasts," Freer said. "50% of the nation have them. Everyone needs them at some point in their life. They're a body part, I can't get my head around why such controversy could be created around such a thing."

Several of the campaign's participants agreed with her, including Lovely Pair Number 12 Anya Merryfield, who posed with some coverage.

"I love my boobs because they're round and jiggly and do all the things boobs should do," she said, adding that she, for one, was certainly not embarrassed by the concept of putting her breasts on display for the world to see.
An amusing New Zealand news reader discusses breasts.

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