Monday, December 06, 2010

'Why Are We Always Punting on 3rd Down?'

I think to make it easy on Barack Obama that Congressthing Anthony Weiner (D-ick) ought to phrase his questions using basketball terminology. Obama isn't quite up to speed on football and may become easily confused and think Weiner is talking about Canadian Football League rules.
Memo to our President: Why are we always punting on 3rd down? Lets get our offense on the field.
Poor little Weiner. Two years of the Democrats running roughshod are coming to a close and coming to grips with reality is difficult.
Rep. Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) had harsh words for President Obama on Twitter on Monday as the White House and leaders in Congress neared a deal to extend both the Bush tax cuts and expired federal jobless benefits.

"Memo to our President," Weiner tweeted, "Why are we always punting on 3rd down? Lets get our offense on the field."

This is the second time in recent weeks that Weiner, a liberal Democrat, has knocked Obama for his dealings with Republicans.

Following a White House meeting between the president and GOP leaders Dec. 30, Weiner criticized Obama for playing too nice.

"I think that President Obama sees bipartisanship as an ends rather than a means," he told the New York Observer.

"We have kind of now seen for the last couple of years the Republicans see rank partisanship as a successful tactic. I may want there to be such a thing as a unicorn, but it doesn't mean I build my day around finding one."

"I want the president to be a success," he said. "Many of the president's opponents, including those sitting around the table with him want him to be a failure and have said so. I want the president to stand up from that table."
Yes, we've certainly had way too much bipartisanship from Obama. Seriously, what world is Weiner living in?

(An aside to Weiner: Is your head big enough on your Twitter page?)

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