Friday, April 29, 2011

Americans United For Change, Except When They Are Against It

The old legacy media is hard at work trotting out various trial balloons in their support of the Democrat campaign efforts for 2012. There is the obvious of their promoting Donald Trump, while having to go in to deep denial that he is playing them like a fiddle. One thing Mr Trump has learned from his Apprentice days is that controversy equals ratings and attention. When was the last time you saw a commercial for a reality show, any reality show, that showed the contestants getting along like one big happy family? By having the media seize upon his latest attention grabbing headline whether it is the birth certificate or Obama's grades, he has managed to take attention away from others and promote himself. This is also further proof of the liberal media mindset which dictates they only going to promote the person they think their liberal guy can beat like they did with McCain.

In what has been a continuing narrative now is the shift from identifying Republicans as Republicans. Instead they are labeling them as Tea Party backed. There is a reason for this. They have invested much time and effort in painting the Tea Party folks as just a bunch of crotchety old racist white folks living on the fringe of the political spectrum.

This article caught my attention for a couple of reason. First of course is the headline. Tea Party Lawmaker Frank Guinta Draws Ire Over Medicare Vote. Rep Guinta is a Republican from New Hampshire. The next thing that got my attention was the photo accompanying the article. Anytime you see pre printed mass produced signs it is a good sign that the folks holding them are part of a larger organization such as a union or a liberal front group. That is the case here. If you look at the bottom of the signs you will see the group these folks represent is Americans United For Change dot org.

My blogging experience has taught me that if a group ends with dot org designation there is a very high probably that it is a liberal/progressive group.

I surely can't be the only one who is struck by the irony of a group with change in their title that is against change. The simple fact is the current Social Security system and Medicare program just are no longer viable. They were fine for the WWII crowd, but folks we are 70 years down the road and the realities in American in the 21st century simply don't reflect the conditions that existed in the 1940's.

I have never forgave AARP for being instrumental in killing former President Bush's attempt at overhauling Social Security. I will never be a member of their organization for that reason but then they compounded the problem by participating in the Obamacare legislation to such a degree that they managed to kill all the successful Medicare Advantage programs EXCEPT for the one they offer that is underwritten by United Healthcare. It is just another example of this administration rewarding their supporters and picking winners and losers in the private sector, and at the same time punishing the American people.

Then there is this exchange during the meeting.
"Why Congressman Guinta, why in the world, did you ever vote for the Paul Ryan Medicare plan," asked, Gary Patton, who posed the first question at an often raucous town hall meeting the congressman hosted at a local high school here.

Patton, 73, told Guinta that he was concerned that the plan introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the chairman of the House Budget Committee, would "end Medicare as we know it."

"The proposal that was in the House last week, again, does not affect anyone who is 55 or older," Guinta assured. "I want to try to allay some fears about the proposal, I want to make sure that people have the proper information. If you don't like the plan, let me know that."

It is the same thing that was going on with the Social Security reform efforts. The liberal/progressives have managed to scare senior citizens once again. Just like the Social Security reform this Ryan budget proposal will make no changes to those receiving Medicare currently.

What I am getting tired of is senior citizens getting worked up into a tizzy, and since so many of our legislators fear this crowd and are closer in age to them then they are me, wind up continuing to punish me.

Hey Geritol crowd here's a news flash. It is my benefits they are trying to change, not yours.

Anyway my advice to everyone is 1) When looking for political candidates look for the ones not getting attention by the media to find a conservative probably more in line with your way of thinking and 2) Realize the Tea Party is not a political party. We still have a predominately two party system in this country, Republicans and Democrats.

When was the last time you saw a Democrat labeled as a Move On backed lawmaker?

Oh yeah and as far as that 'ire' directed at the representative goes, he might actually take it serious if the folks acting like children weren't you know, actually children.
Joe Platte, a middle school student from nearby Stratham, N.H., who took a back-row seat at the meeting, interjected: "What about me? I'm 14, what am I going to do."

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Mark30339 said...

This is an excellent post.  Somehow the left thinks it's easier to drum up fear and distrust of persons labeled "Tea Partier" rather than "Conservative" or "Republican."  Perhaps the left realizes how much they revealed about themselves with the relentless use of the slur "Tea Bagger."